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13 Quick and Easy Mouth Watering Chaffle Recipes

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It’s bread! It’s a bun! It’s a waffle?….no; it’s a CHAFFLE!

If you are unaware of the current chaffle craze going on in the Keto community, allow me to introduce the incredible, versatile chaffle!

We are going to discuss some basic info on this amazing Keto must have recipe, and then I’m going to share a selection of my favorites for everything from side dishes, to dinners and desserts!

Chaffles are a low carb, keto-friendly, EASY to make recipe that is like a blank canvas, just use your imagination!

 These are a PERFECT solution to those that are doing keto solo since they are quick and easy.

If you’re cooking for your non-keto family, you can whip up one of these quick and have a bun or a taco shell!!

The basic chaffle is just two ingredients:

1/2 cup of cheese and an egg.

But the possibilities are endless!

You can season em, sweeten em, add toppings! I’ve listed the best of the best chaffle recipes below that don’t require obscure ingredients. 

But first a couple of chaffle FAQ’s:

Do you need a particular waffle maker?

Mini waffle makers became scarce EVERYWHERE, including on Amazon with the chaffle craze. (I’m not kidding, some of them are out of stock for MONTHS!)

But do you NEED one? No. You can make chaffles in a regular ol waffle maker. However, if you are making chaffles as buns or bread, it is better to use the mini.

This mini waffle maker is the one that I ordered on Amazon: it makes four mini waffles at a time.

You can pick up an individual one as well

Does it taste eggy?

For some people, the basic chaffle recipe will taste eggy, but have no fear! You can add a teaspoon of coconut flour to make it more bread-like, and add seasonings like garlic powder or Italian seasoning to make them yummy!

Or try one of the recipes that I’ve linked below! 

Are they crunchy?

Yeshere is a tip to make sure they are super crunchy.

  • Add a little bit of cheese to the bottom of the waffle maker
  • add the batter
  • top with more cheese

This will definitely up the crunch factor! Also, as they cool, they will crisp up slightly.

Can you freeze them?

YES! Then you can pop them in the toaster like an Eggo for a quick breakfast on the go option! (I’m going to do this with the pumpkin chaffle recipe below!)

Wait, cheese with a sweet recipe?

Yep! I thought it was weird too! Use mozzarella in any recipe where you don’t want the cheese flavor coming through, like the Chaffle Churro recipe below!

Now, let’s have a look at all the delicious things that people are doing with their waffle makers!

Savory Chaffle Dinners and Lunches:

The Best Keto Pizza Chaffle Recipe

Tiny crunchy Keto Pizzas? YES PLEASE!! If you are a pizza addict like me, check out his super quick and easy recipe for making your favorite food – keto-fied! 

See the Best Keto Pizza Chaffle Recipe to get the recipe by Kasey Trenum.

The comments and reviews absolutely rave about this amazing recipe!

Keto Chaffle Tacos

Want to take up your Taco Tuesday game? This right here is your ticket to some next level crunchified awesomeness!

These mini tacos are so adorable and simple to make. A super neat way to upgrade your Taco Bowl Tuesday to Cute Lil’ Taco Tuesday!

Check out this recipe by Low Carb Inspirations. Keto Chaffle Tacos

French Dip Chaffle Style

This recipe shows just how versatile the chaffle is, and that you can enjoy plenty of your go-to favorite dishes!

Kasey shows us her creative side with this open-faced French Dip Sandwich. You don’t have to miss your old favorites; you just have to keto-fy them! Get this amazing keto spin on french dip now!

Chicken Jalapeno Popper Chaffle

What do you get when you take an already awesome recipe and Chafflize it? A tastebud tempting treat you’ll be making over and over. 

Okay, so this recipe is a little different than the others;

You’ll be using chicken IN the chaffle! How clever is that?! A family favorite…chaffle-ized!

Check out the Chafflized spin on an already amazing recipe by Low Carb Inspirations.

Breakfast Chaffles

Mouthwatering Blueberry Chaffles Served 3 ways!

Another stunning chaffle recipe from Kasey Trenum! These are sure to satisfy that waffle craving! Sure to be a hit with non-keto-ers as well!

Stop waiting and get cracking on this Keto-fied take on a breakfast staple! Your only regret will be not making them sooner!

Pumpkin Chaffles

Need to get your pumpkin spice fix but not sure how on Keto? 

These are the chaffles you are looking for!

I’m SO excited about these pumpkin chaffles! I can imagine the aroma filling up the house on a chilly day…I plan on making extras of these for my son to grab for breakfast on school mornings!

Get your pumpkin flavor chaffle fix here

Chaffles Bagels

What what what?!?! Yea, I’ll throw in another food hybrid, we have to be creative to keep on keto-ing on! Whip these up and throw some hot ham and cheese on them, or some cream cheese, the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve been missing bagels, you MUST try this recipe!

Keto Bagel Recipe!


Keto Fudgy Chocolate Chaffles!

Get your chocolate fix with these decadent chocolate chaffles! Have them with a keto-friendly ice cream, or with whipped cream and strawberries!

You can make a batch of these to freeze and reheat later when you’re in a hurry!

Recipe is from Kasey Trenum, check it out here!

Chocolate Chip Chaffles

I remember having chocolate chip pancakes as a kid, with the molten chocolate chips….Yummm! Now you can have the keto-fied version!

Another sweet recipe from Kasey Trenum, check it out here.

Strawberry Shortcake Chaffles

“Wow” your family with this strawberry shortcake chaffle!

Recipes like this make Keto a piece of cake! (see what I did there?? Har har!!) In all seriousness, this is one that I’ll be making soon!

Get the recipe from Low Carb Inspirations here.

Snack and Side Dish Chaffles

Easy Keto Cheesy Garlic Chaffle Bread

Need a quick and easy side dish or snack? Chaffle to the rescue! In just under 15 minutes with a few common ingredients, you can be on your way to indulging in these savory “bread” sticks!

Get the down-low on this delightful dipping dish with Kasey Trenum’s recipe!

Crispy Everything Bagel Chaffle Chips

Need a crunchy snack? With just two ingredients and about 5 minutes, you’ll have yourself some chips! Perfect for some Keto Salsa or a delicious cheesy dip!

See how to make it on Low Carb Inspirations here. 

Churro Keto Chaffles

This sweet chaffle recipe is sure to be a winner! If you’re a churro fan, like I am, give these a try! Another great recipe with just four ingredients that will be ready to enjoy in minutes! Dip it in some delicious Keto Hot Chocolate on a cool fall evening!

Get the recipe on Low Carb Inspirations here.

What about you? What’s your favorite Chaffle recipe? Share in the comments below!

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