Does this Sound familiar?

I was overweight.

Actually, I was considered obese. At 5’5″ & 206 pounds, with a body fat percent over 42%.

I was sad, anxious and depressed. I had high blood pressure.

I genuinely felt like crap, but I had no idea, really how terrible I felt until I started feeling better.

I’d had migraines fairly regularly since I was in 3rd grade, and had found some of my triggers, but still had them on a regular basis, so it was the norm for me, and I dealt with it.

The other stuff, the achiness and tired feeling happened a little bit at time. So, much like a frog in a pot of water, slowly boiling, it wasn’t noticeable at first and it creeps up on you until it suddenly becomes a serious problem.


I’m Sterling Stewart. My husband, Brandon and I decided to create this blog to help guide others on this amazing KETO adventure! I’m the content gal, and he’s the tech guy!

We live in rural MN with our teenage son, Gavin, three doggos and two cats, who think they are doggos.

This is my Keto Story…

Keto changed my life, in ways I never could have anticipated when I started.

I started Keto to lose weight, but it became much more to me than just a weight loss plan or diet.  I was having health issues, and my doctor wanted to do exploratory surgery on me to see if I had endometriosis.

Is this dangerous because of my weight I asked, the doctor replied with something along the lines of “You shouldn’t be worried about your weight as far as complications, I’ve operated on many women your size and larger. We all carry a little extra weight because,  you know, the Standard American Diet”.

This statement from a doctor that wanted to operate on me was a freaking wake up call!

Being a research junkie, when something new peaks my interest I research it until I know it inside and out, and as went down the Internet rabbit hole, googling Standard American Diet (aka SAD),  I came across Keto.

Okay, I know what you are thinking…

Because I had the exact same initial reaction. Fad diet!

Check this out though…

When I read the science behind it, and started researching about the food industry, and how much our diets have changed in recent history, I became curious if this could be the real deal.

After investigating food lists, recipes and reading some testimonials, I decided that I was going to try it. 

My goal was two weeks.

I can do it for two weeks.  I put the thoughts of never having (insert favorite carby food here) out of my head, because it was JUST for two weeks.

I told my hubby about the diet, and what you can/can’t eat and he said “No way! I can eat steak with butter? And bacon?” Yes, yes you can. So he was on board.

It’s easier than you think!

So we both dove in!

 Day three through five were the most difficult.

I was crabby, irritable, tired and THIRSTY.

I drank more water than I ever have.  This is carb withdrawal, and it sucks. I knew it was coming, so I was prepared to trust the process.

It gets better, trust me!

I dropped 14lbs in my first two weeks, and I felt AWESOME. 


With these sorts of rapid results I knew I could stick with it for the long haul.

I fell in love with Keto, because it really did impact my life the way nothing else ever has

This is the point I realized there’s more than just weight loss to be gained from this Keto journey….

My mood became brighter, my body felt stronger, I didn’t ache. My headaches, with only a handful of instances (triggers from stress or a new food/artificial sweetener)  since starting  Keto, are gone.

It was easier to identify the triggers when I started eating wholesome, nutrient dense food. It is as if this fog just lifted; I was me again.

My energy level skyrocketed!!!

It’s like night and day. I felt like MOVING my body again. I didn’t have afternoon crashes anymore after eating lunch. I sleep better than I ever have.

I’m certain that I annoy people at work with my cheery afternoon attitude.

These positive non-scale victories helped me get through the weight loss stalls without throwing in the towel.

Let me tell you how frustrating it was to watch my husband melt away while I was in a two week or longer plateau!  Grr!

Stop thinking you have to treat your problems reactively!

I realized that we always treat the symptoms of our problems, not the cause.

Often we try to cure or treat diet related illnesses with a pill or medication, without first trying to change eating habits.

I’m not anti-medicine, not at all, but I discovered that we cannot truly be healthy unless we are fueling our bodies with the right stuff.

Keto put ME in charge of my health.

  • Not a doctor
  • Not a pill
  • Not surgery or hormones


On top of all of the awesomeness of feeling PHENOMENAL, I’ve lost and kept off 60lbs of fat. SIXTY!!

This is thanks to KETO!

I started working out, but not until AFTER I had lost the weight,  I couldn’t have done it the other way around, which is what most all other diets expect you to do.

When I started out I was overweight and would get exhausted from a flight of stairs….

I would not have had the energy to work out, I barely used to make it through my day before Keto.

With the new found energy, it has been a much easier task for me, and I do things I enjoy doing, not spending hours doing cardio or burpees (UGH!)

Since I’ve lost the weight and started giving my body what it needs, I’ve done a lot of things I never did before

I feel like I’m living the life that I want to, rather than just existing.

But that’s just the tip of the Iceberg!

We’ve gone on several hikes, one of which was to Hell’s Gate at Banning State Park.

It was “not suitable for children”, and as we started in, I was thinking that it might not be suitable for me.

It would not have been a year prior, but I managed to navigate some pretty scary ledges.

It was 100% worth the effort.

I was so proud of myself!

We went to Washington DC recently and walked over 56 miles in 6 days, which is definitely something I couldn’t have done before.

Our trip to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole a year before we started Keto was proof of that, I thought I was going to DIE, and we didn’t walk or hike nearly as much as we did in DC. I can’t wait for more adventures.

Sharing Keto with people is my passion. 

This is why I wanted to start this blog.

I’ve accumulated tons of information and recipes. I like to help motivate people, encourage them through some of the struggles that come along with this lifestyle change (cliché, I know, but it is TRUE!)

I want to shout about Keto from the rooftops so that everybody knows how great it is.

It makes me happy to see the positive and transformative changes it brings to people’s lives.

Now Make It Happen!

You’re going to have questions, struggles, doubts, haters and naysayers, I’m here to help with ALL of that. So….


Let’s KETO!

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Welcome to the Keto Family!

Hi there!  I’m Sterling, your Keto Weight Loss Coach.

I started a ketogenic diet to shed some pounds, and it literally transformed my life.

I’m going to show you how I did it, and how YOU can too!