Are your go-to jeans getting too hard to button (again)?

Or, are you frustrated by a closet full of clothes that you used to love but Can’t wear?

Maybe you’re too self-conscious when you go out to put on that little black dress? 

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you need to lose weight, but just can’t seem to get motivated to do it?

  • You’ve dieted before and lost weight, but you keep gaining it back?


  • You hate dieting because you constantly feel deprived and hungry.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it…

is to kick your body into fat-burning mode and lose 10 lbs. or even more in 28 days or less and learn to maintain optimal healthy weight for years to come.


In just 28 days you will:

  • Slip into those jeans with ease

  • Go shopping in your closet for that favorite outfit

  • Wear that sexy, slinky dress

And feel confident, radiant and beautiful

    You’re serious about your weight loss but have no idea where to start.

    Can you relate? 

    You don’t have time to sit around and sift through a mountain of information just to figure out a diet.

    Most diet plans out there give you so much information all at once, it’s overwhelming!

    It is known as the THUD factor. It’s frustrating.

    It makes you want to run to the freezer for that pint of ice cream and say FORGET IT.

    Cut out all the noise & get straight to the point.

    The Drop A Dress Size Challenge: 

    • Fast tracks your way to success with early results to KEEP MOMENTUM toward your goals.
    • Eliminates the thud factor that happens with most diet plans
    • Gives you what you need to know, when you need to know it, without the overwhelm. 

    Who doesn’t love simplicity!?

    Do you struggle with Motivation?

     Around 86% of dieters throw in the towel in the first month of dieting.The number one reason for quitting – lack of sustained motivation. 

    Getting and STAYING motivated is pivotal to your success in anything that you do. 

    Even if you KNOW the things to eat to lose weight, you can’t do it unless you are motivated to. 


    “Do not fear lack of knowledge, talent or skill.  Seek motivation and the others will come.” 

    -Randall Dale Adams

    Games Motivate Us.

    Wait…Weight Loss – Gamified?!


    The strategies used in the gaming industry are designed to get you hooked on taking action. 

    (Think Pokémon Go or Candy Crush)

    In this Challenge – those actions keep you motivated to reach your goals and hit Mission Accomplished! 

    Brand new “Gamification” Platform!

    • You will be hooked on earning XPs! (Experience Points)
    • Leader-boards, Daily Challenges and Prizes to keep you engaged in your MISSION

    • Basically – You’re going to have a blast instead of sitting in your living room reading a meal plan. Woot!

    Nothing is more motivating than fast results!

    Within 28 Days You Will:

    • Lose at least 10 lbs. 
    • Feel Fewer aches and pains

    • Sleep better and more soundly
    • Feel less bloated after eating
    • Notice improvements in mental clarity

    • Have a dramatic improvement in mood

    Hey there!
    I’m Sterling.

    Two years ago, I made a decision that transformed my life.

    I’m 38 years old, and I’m in the best health of my life.

    I barely recognize the lady on the left. Uffda. I was miserable. I felt pretty crappy all the time.

    It had been going on for so long, that it was just normal to feel like I got hit by a truck when I rolled out of bed in the morning.

    I had headaches (since 3rd grade), high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

    At 5’5”, I was 206 lbs. which put me in the obese category. I was super unhealthy and felt sorta defeated. 

    I had tried other diets in the past, but nothing was sustainable long term. I’d end up feeling hungry all the time, low-energy and had massive cravings.

    Two years after discovering Keto, my life has completely turned around. I have the energy to do things that I used to miss out on like hiking, exploring and ice skating!

    We walked 58 miles in our week-long trip to Washington D.C. (and I even rode a mechanical bull!!)

    I don’t get headaches anymore! Something I had lived with nearly all of my life, and tolerated as “normal”. This was seriously life-changing!

    Now, I can live my life to the fullest without worry that I will be incapacitated by a migraine, I don’t get winded walking up stairs, (or walking, period…) AND I get out of bed and feel like MOVING! 

    Helping people achieve their weight loss goals has become my MISSION, and nothing has been more satisfying than seeing the impact it has had on others’ lives. 

    Check out the results that Gina and Lori had!

    Gina Jepson – Minnesota

    If it wasn’t for Sterling, I’d probably still be 170 pounds, tired, depressed, crabby, etc. etc.!

    But because of this amazing woman, I’m now 126 pounds! I’m so thankful for the life events that took place because they led me to her! ❤

      Lori F.- Minnesota

      ​Back in July, while attempting to play soccer with my boys, I couldn’t do it. I was too out of shape and fluffy…

      Since starting Keto I’ve lost 30 pounds, better sleep, and skin and feel tons better…

      Thanks to my Keto Mentor Sterling for helping me along my journey.

        Your mission…Should you choose to accept it…is to kick your body into fat-burning mode and lose 10 lbs. or even more in 28 days and learn to maintain optimal weight for years to come.


        From Mission to Mission Accomplished

        ​Whether you think you CAN or think you CAN’T….You’re Right!

        Get in the right mindset with tools and techniques proven to:

        • Handle cravings

        • Conquer doubts

        • Ease frustrations

        • Turn around negative thoughts
        This is where you will learn the ins and outs of Keto.

        It will be fun, don’t worry! After this, you will be a Keto Ninja!

        Learn about:

        • Keto Staples

        • Foods to Limit & Avoid

        • Processed Foods & Nutrition Labels

        • Food Tracking

        Take the STRESS out of planning your meals!


        I’ll show you how to:

        • Cook with affordable foods that are easy to find (REAL FOOD)

        • Save Time batch cooking and meal prepping with great Keto recipes

        • Keto-fy your favorites – Sweet and Savory

        Plus get a BONUS: Grab n’ Go Cheat Sheet
        (for when things don’t go according to plan!)


        ​Life can complicate things sometimes!

        Discover how to handle things like a BOSS!

          Things like:

          • Dining out

          • Food centered celebrations

          • Unsupportive Friends and Family

          • Having “Yes” days and getting back on the wagon

          When you have completed your mission of losing 10 lbs. (or more!) and you’re feeling confident, radiant and SEXY, hit that Mission Accomplished button and CELEBRATE! 


          • Live Group Coaching Calls

          • Graduation Gift!

          • Contests and Prizes!

          • Community – Private VIP support group


            • Keto Food List Printable

            • Grab n’ Go Cheat Sheet Printable

            • Done-For-You Meal Plan with Shopping List

            • Progress Tracker

            The challenge Starts February 17th!

            The first FIVE ladies to sign up will get a FREE hour of Private 1- on-1 coaching with me! 

            Here is a CRAZY guarantee…I’m so confident in your ability to get results with this program, that if you are unable to lose 10 lbs. in 28 days, I will:

            • Continue to work with you until you reach mission accomplished, or

            • Refund your money!

            The option is yours!

            Ready to join me on this journey?

            Let’s do this! 

            Want more info?

            Get a FREE 30-minute Yo-Yo No More Session with me!