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Keto Creme Brulee

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Featured, Recipes | 4 comments

This creamy, carmelized crusted custard dessert is a staple for many nice restaurants, and often comes with a premium price more often than not.

You’d be shocked to realize how easy and budget-friendly this is to make.

While there are some steps that, if done improperly, can cause a creme disaster, they are super simple to avoid once you know what you’re doing!

So follow along as I break it down, but first,

The Classic Creme Brulee is just 4 simple ingredients, and requires only 4 tools that EVERYONE has in the kitchen.

The Basic recipe is:

  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 4-6 egg yolks
  • 2 TBSP sweetner (swerve)
  • Flavoring of your choice

You can find many variations on the ratio of these ingredients, but they are all pretty close, for our purposes I’ll be using my tried and true.

  • Heavy Cream

Providing a very rich flavor to this delectable dessert, you will heat this in a saucepan to just BEFORE the point at which it begins to boil.  You’ll see it start to “grow” in volume, at that point remove from the heat.

  • Egg Yolks

While you can use either whole eggs or just the yolks, I personally never use the whites. It makes the finished dessert that much creamier and delicious.

4 yolks would be the minimum for this recipe, but not more than 6, beyond that you will start to get the flavor of the egg dominating your flavors, at which point you may as well just have eggs!

  • (sugar) SWERVE

anywhere from 2 tbsps up to about 1/3 of a cup would be fine in this recipe, depending on your tastes and flavors you choose.

  • Vanilla

Vanilla Bean is the go-to for a true classic creme brulee, however vanilla bean paste or extract will work as well.

* you can add a flavored alcohol of your choice, for this recipe keep it to roughly 2 tsps.

You’ll need the following equipment

  1. Pot/Pan
  2. Whisk
  3. shallow pan
  4. pie pan/ramekins

As far as the ramekins that you will use to make these, I tried many different things so I could make this as friendly as possible for everyone, understanding that not everybody has brulee dishes hanging around their pantry.

I tested this recipe out in glass pie dishes, little glass condiment bowls for $.99 cents from walmart, even the mini shallow foil roasting pans you get at the store.

They all work, and I’m sure everyone has at least one of these items near to hand.


Preheat oven to 300F

1. Add heavy cream to a saucepan, along with whatever flavorings you choose, and heat right up until the point BEFORE it’s going to start boiling.

2. Mix together your sweetener and eggs/egg yolks, you want to mix these thoroughly and until they turn a pale yellowish color.

Now we are going to add the heavy cream to this mixture in a process called tempering.

What the heck is tempering you ask?

Excellent question, we need to ever so slowly and gently bring the temperature of the eggs up to match the cream, but if we go to fast, you’ll get scrambled eggs instead of smooth custard deliciousness.

Picture the super hot bath you’ve just drawn up, do you dive right in up to your eyebrows and soak?


You gently, inch by inch, ease into the scalding water, letting yourself adjust to it as you go.

Same thing we are doing for the eggs.

3. So, as you are steadily whisking the egg mixture, begin dribbling just a few drops at a time into the mixture.

Whisk until you cannot see the cream anymore, then add some more cream. Repeat this process SLOWLY until all cream has been added.

DO NOT rush this step, it is the primary step most folks rush and end up with lumpy Brulee. Slow and steady wins the race here.

If you are a purist, you can strain this mixture once you are done to remove any teeny tiny bits that may have curdled up on you to ensure 100% smooth final product.

Personally, for cooking at home, I never bother with that particular step.

4. Now ladle this mixture into your dish of choice, and place inside of your shallow pan. This is needed for the water bath.

If you do not have a pan deep enough for the water bath, I’ve found the big foil roasting pans work just as well.

Pour hot water into the pan with the dishes about halfway up the side of the dish. This is best done in the oven to minimize risk of spillage from moving around all those liquids.

The water bath helps to ensure the custard will cook even and uniform through and through. Some folks place a towel in the bottom of the pan to further insulate the dishes from too much direct heat, but I have never found that to be necessary.

Cook until there is only the slightest wobble on the custard top when you give the pan a jiggle.

Carefully remove from the oven and place on a rack to allow to cool to room temp.

This is important to avoid your custards top from cracking on you.

Once they are about room temp, place in the fridge for approx 4 hours ( though best after sitting overnight). This allows the custard to set even better.

Sprinkle some swerve on top and torch to melt for that crunchy delicious top we all know and love! If you don’t have a torch, just pop it in the oven on broil for a few seconds to get the same effect!

So what’s your favorite Creme Brulee Flavor? Let us know in the comments your favorite way to indulge!

Nutritional Info: Per 4oz Serving

  • 1.3g Net Carbs
  • 2.2g Protein
  • 16.1g Fat

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