These are some of the products and items we use regularly, I’ll NEVER suggest something I haven’t personally used, and you’ll always get my honest feedback on the items themselves.

If you have a suggestion for a product I should try, shoot me an email at, and I may give it a try!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy these or find them helpful!

Weighted Hula Hoop

This thing is my go-to for workouts!

I do not like to work out for the sake of “working out” and find it hard to get motivated to do it, even though I know it is necessary for getting healthy.

So my trick? Have fun doing it!

I start my workouts every day with this hula hoop to some of my favorite old school 90’s hip hop and today’s trap remixes and just have a blast. Once you start to get a move on, you tend to want to move more.

Action begets action, baby!

Get yours here:

Renpho Digital Scale

This is my absolute number one suggestion. I understand the bio-metric data may not be 100% accurate, so take that aspect with a grain of salt.

That said, this thing is AWESOME. It connects via Bluetooth to an app on your phone. It logs your weigh-ins and allows you to see your progress trends over time. Among some of my favorite items, it also tracks

  • Body Fat %
  • BMR (basal metabolic weight)
  • Body Water % (hydration!)

And so many others, you can even link up with others using the app (which my husband and I did) to help with accountability and motivation!

Best part is the price, it’s almost criminally cheap for all the features we got out of it, and it’s going like a tank since the day we bought! Check it out on Amazon here

The Obesity Code

I’ve wanted to read this book for a long time, and avoided it, because how interesting could a book about weight loss be?

Well, I wish I had buckled down and read this earlier.

It has been an eye-opening (and entertaining) read.

The studies noted in the book go against the grain of what we have been lead to believe our whole lives about why, as a nation, we are getting fatter.

I highly recommend reading this book if you want to know the WHY behind Keto and Intermittent fasting.

Snag your copy of this eye-opening book here 

Ultima Electrolyte powder

This is one of our go-to supplements for keeping electrolytes in balance.

One container this size is more than enough to last us a month. It helps in a big way for those who tire of drinking lots and lots of water, AND it gives you several essential electrolytes.

We’ve been using it since early on in our Keto days! They have several flavors to choose from, but this is our favorite.

I LOVE these things and am so glad I bought them! 

The separate compartments make them ideal for putting together a nice meal on the go, or making up snack pack style grab and go food for the Kiddo or myself!

Perfect for on the go Keto Meals, great for planning lunches ahead of time! Can’t beat the price either! Take a peek here.

This is my favorite Swerve to use when making special sweets!

  • Keto Candied Pecans
  • Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes
  • Cinnamon Rolls Keto Style
  • and so many others.

You won’t be disappointed with this. This is an excellent Keto option when you need that “brown sugar” dash of flavor to your dish to make it pop! Get it here.

My everyday go-to substitute for sugar. 

It’s got Zero Calories and none of the aftertaste associated with some sweeteners!

If it normally requires sugar, this is my first choice Keto replacement.

  • Hot chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Pie
  • Cheesecake, you name it!

Different sizes to choose from depending on your needs too! Grab ya some here!

This is my second-in-line electrolyte supplement.

It has added vitamins and minerals, and is a great economical option for electrolytes. The only drawbacks are that it only comes in lemon, and it does have a little bit of a vitamin aftertaste (I don’t think it’s bad, but it is there)

If you want to switch up your electrolytes and try it out, you can get it here:


If you are experiencing muscle cramps or spasms, you may need additional magnesium.


Too much magnesium citrate (the most common Mag supplement you’ll find in the store) may cause digestive issues.  I have found that taking this Magnesium Malate during the day, along with Magnesium Bis-Glycinate at night, keeps the muscle cramps at bay!


These do have carbs, 2 net for 6 pills, however, I only take 2 per day.


If you are experiencing muscle cramps or spasms, you may need additional magnesium.


Too much magnesium citrate (the most common Mag supplement you’ll find in the store) may cause digestive issues.  I have found that taking this Magnesium Bis-Glycinate at night, along with Magnesium Malate during the day, keeps muscle cramps at bay.


These do have carbs, 1 net for 2 pills; however, I only take 2 once per day.

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